A secluded inner world, and your gateway to the boundless beyond



About AMOMA - Luxury Homes in Japan

A secluded inner world, and your gateway to the boundless beyond, AMOMA is a collection of superlative private luxury residences based in Japan that blend the comfort, intimacy, and privacy of home with the very best of luxury hospitality.

AMOMA is the possibility of creating one’s own space and time – of moving seamlessly, freely, between life’s different frequencies. More than just a building or a place to live, our Japanese-style luxury homes offer experiences that respond intuitively to residents’ needs through architecture, space, design, and service. What takes place in the imagination in response to our environments is as nuanced and vital as the craftsmanship and precision that created them.

Inspired in philosophy and design by the Japanese concept of 'MA', AMOMA evokes a heightened consciousness of place, achieved through an extraordinary balance of dualities. Bringing together different people, perspectives, cultures, and traditions, AMOMA’s hand-selected collection of modern Japanese houses embodies a lifestyle that speaks of no single origin. Ours is a distinctly international sensibility, elevating your everyday experience of comfort and luxury.

Welcome to a place of rare contrasts and enlightened juxtapositions, to life lived on your terms.


Modern Japanese-style houses inspired by sumptuous simplicity

Elevate your everyday experience with modern comfort and luxury embedded in the Japanese-style houses of AMOMA. Each residence is designed to make the flow between energy and light seamless, featuring a spacious internal courtyard garden that embraces nature as a part of your daily ritual.

By bridging together two different cultures fuelled by rich cultures and traditions, you can find a lifestyle that comes from a multitude of backgrounds at AMOMA. Each private luxury residence is furnished with a mix of bespoke and classic Japanese furniture pieces throughout the homes, creating a space that exudes modern luxury while simultaneously imbuing the space with understated elegance and tactile comfort.

Discover a place enlightened by juxtapositions and elevate your day-to-day experience with comfort and luxury inspired by rare contrasts and eye-opening international sensibility.

Welcome to AMOMA. Step into elegant luxury homes hidden in highly sought-after locations that seamlessly embrace the city, sea and mountains of Japan.

Contact Us

At AMOMA, we are dedicated to making the journey of owning your dream luxury home in Japan as smooth and easy as possible, assisting you every step of the way. If you want to learn more about our modern Japanese houses, don’t hesitate to email us at sales@amomajapan.com for sales enquiries or at info@amomajapan.com for general enquiries. We are also happy to arrange private viewings for interested parties at our showrooms in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Feel free to get in touch with our Hong Kong office at +852 2813 6100 or our Tokyo office at +81 3 6205 8892. We look forward to connecting with you!

AMOMA Hiroo Entrance Façade